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April 15, 2016

How to publish your document from Google Drive (Google Docs) to WordPress

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Want a short answer? – It’s complicated but possible.

As of this time (April 2016) I have tried many different ways to transfer some of my writings from Google Docs to based blog and can’t claim a success. Thing is, both Google and WordPress are constantly changing their API and security and what not, so various plug-ins and techniques just can’t keep up with these changes. Eventually, I came up with a lesser evil approach. That is – the use of a desktop program named  Open Live Writer, which is a successor to Microsoft Live Writer, but now as an open source project.

In short, you can copy your document from Google Docs and paste it into the Live Writer (I think the old Windows Live Write will do just as well, if you happened to have it). After copying into the Writer you keep the text and the pictures (great relief) but may loose table formatting. After posting to your blog you may need to download that post back to the Writer and fix table formatting. As my blog is heavy on in-text pictures this approach was a salvation for me and a great time saver, I can’t imagine being forced to manually upload and re-insert my screenshots into the blog post.There is a small complication with pictures as well, I found out that later. When you copy-paste your document, what gets copied is HTML. When it comes to pictures, you will get links to pictures that are still on Google Drive. If that is acceptable to you then no issue here. If you delete original document from Google and purge the trash bin the WordPress article will have lost the pictures as well. The workaround is to copy pictures one by one and paste them over again in the Writer. This way they become local pictures rather than links to remote files.

P.S. By the way, I tried BlogDesk program as well and it has lost the pictures in the transition, so – no help here. Same applies to Chrome’s plug-in “Google Docs to WordPress” – couldn’t make it work, besides, people say it needs to dial home server in order to connect to both Google and WordPress and that is a security concern.

P.S.2 If you host a wordpress on your server your story is different, there are many wordpress plug-ins that may help you, my case is based blogs.


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