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March 13, 2013

OEL 6.2 on Virtual Box 4.2.4

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I was installing “Oracle Linux Release 6 Update 2 Media Pack v1 for x86_64 (64 bit)” on VBox 4.2.4 the other day. It was on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, the RAM given to the guest was set to 2GB (quite generous). The installation of “basic” server went well and by the end of it the guest wanted to reboot. This is when the dreaded message “Virtualbox Manager has stopped working” appeared. A research on forums was educational, but useless, as a wide variety of causes may be in play. Tried this and that, upgraded first to VBox 4.2.6, then to 4.2.8 with no luck. Then, remembering that this Linux version used to work well on older VBox I have downgraded to 4.1.22 and recreated host only networks (those were deleted during the reinstall). Guess what? All works fine now. Maybe in later versions of 4.2.x this problem will be resolved.


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