VirtualBox 4.0.4 and network

It is always exciting to play with new release of this favorite toy of mine. Not this time though. There are some changes in release 4.0.4 that I could not cope with. I was using release 3.2.12 before, it looks very modest and just works well. So first thing I have noticed in the new release was the sweeping changes to overall GUI, then I was puzzled by a disappearance of the button “New” in the “Virtual Media Manager” interface and finally, when installing OEL 5.2 (Red Hat), I could not get the Host-Only networks to actually work (the adapters were up and running but not accessible from host).

Some people have already complained about the problem that manifests itself as error message:

“the value of the MAC address field on the network page is not complete”

You can look at the discussion on the topic here (but there was no resolution at that time):

According to some, the problem surfaces when you have more than one network interface, according to others it is only with some operating systems. As of this moment I gave up on this new release and reverted back to 3.2.12