Oracle Labs by Yuri Khazin, Oracle DBA

Virtual Oracle RAC. Task 1: Install and configure Virtual Box

Link back: This guide is a part of the Virtual Oracle RAC project, the index to the whole project is here.

Here is an overview of network setup that we will do in Virtual Box environment. This picture below shows three sets of network adapters in guests.

eth0 is for public network

eth1 is for private network

Download and install Virtual Box (follow instructions on that page, the installation is quite straightforward).

Older builds for Virtual Box can be found here.

Run Virtual Box, access Virtual Box preferences

Make sure Host-Only network is installed (it must be there by default) and it is the only network present. Create it, if it is not there. The notion of “network” in this particular part of Virtual Box may be likened to creating a router with a static IP. This “router” will be accessible from host’s network but not from outside of it (not from other hosts on your network).

Notice, that during the installation of networks there may be pup-ups asking you if you want to proceed with unsigned driver installation. Do proceed, of course.

Configure Host-Only adapter as below (yes, it is placed on a totally separate network from your host’s LAN adapter):

Now create another (second) Host-Only adapter:

Click on “Ok”, close all settings dialogs and wait till another adapter is created.

Save your changes and enter “ipconfig” command from host command prompt. At this point the host networks will look like this:

As you can see, Host-Only networks is here but not connected to your gateway (i.e. to your router).

From the network diagram you will notice that there is a “Bridged” network “router”, this one does not have to be created, it appears automatically when “Bridged” adapters are created in guests.

Disclaimer: in my network setup I have used a domain name that can be taken or belong to someone. If such is the case, it is by pure coincidence and I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. Presently it appears that all possible and impossible domain names are taken but I have no claims on the domain name. I used it just for illustration only.

Next chapter.


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