Oracle Labs by Yuri Khazin, Oracle DBA

Virtual Oracle RAC. Task 11: Oracle installation in RAC nodes – part 2

Link back: This guide is a part of the Virtual Oracle RAC project, the index to the whole project is here.

Verifications before installation

Now we are ready to install Oracle database software but before that we need to run the verification utility again (database pre-installation requirements). Run these commands from odbn1 as user oracle:

$ cd /home/oracle/bin/cluvfy
$ export CV_HOME=/home/oracle/bin/cluvfy
$ export CV_JDKHOME=/home/oracle/bin/cluvfy/jdk14
$ ./ stage -pre dbinst -n odbn1,odbn2 -r 10gR2 -verbose | tee cvu_report_3.txt

Review the report. There are some errors that are expected and can be ignored, in particular:

"Could not find a suitable set of interfaces for VIPs" and two errors with "Package existence check failed for …"

The connectivity section looks like this (see below), it says "failed" but we can safely continue with installation.

Oracle Database software installation

As "root" execute this command from odbn1:

# mount -r /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

As "oracle" execute these commands from odbn1:

$ cd ~
$ /media/cdrom/10201_database_linux32/database/runInstaller &

The installer window appears, click "Next":

In the next screen choose "Custom" and click on "Next":

Agree with defaults in the next screen and click "Next":

In the next screen make sure "Cluster Installation" and all nodes are selected. Click "Next":

Acknowledge the summary screen and click "Next":

The verifications screen appears. Hopefully you will get a clean bill of health. Click "Next":

In the next screen correct the name of group for OSOPER as shown. Click "Next":

In this screen select "Install Database Software Only". Click "Next":

Summary screen appears. Click "Install":

Installation proceeds.

Make sure the Virtual Box machines (GUI) are somewhere visible. You can log into them and run "top" to make sure the machines are alive. It may happen that during the installation one of the machines will stop responding complaining about low memory (it will be automatically paused and Oracle installer will appear stuck). In such case you can un-pause (resume) the machine and/or reboot it. In some cases the machine (well, the clusterware) will reboot itself and then the installer will proceed. I have observed this behaviour in the phase of "Remote Operations In Progress".

If all goes well, this configuration pop-up appears:

Run the "" script on odbn1 and then on odbn2 (one at a time only).

The output from odbn1 is show here:

Exit the OUI.

A little cleanup needs to be done. This bug fix was mentioned before. Edit following file (on both nodes):

$ vi $ORACLE_HOME/bin/srvctl

Add the following text at line 168:


Save the file and exit.

This concludes the software installation phase.

Adding TNS Listener

This is to be done as user "oracle" from odbn1 only:

$ netca &

The NETCA screen appears, proceed with "Cluster configuration":

Make sure both nodes selected and click "Next":

Select first option:

Agree to "Add":

Accept default LISTENER name:

Accept default protocol:

And default port:

Leave "No" for "configure another listener", proceed (this may take some time, screen appears frozen):

Then confirmation screen appears, click "Next":

Hey, we’ve been here, right? Right, now click on "Finish":

We can verify the results on both nodes as shown here:


We are done with listeners.

Next chapter.


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